Longinoja is an urban brook that flows through Helsinki, the capital of Finland, into the Vantaanjoki River. Since 2001, voluntary stream restoration activities have been organized by SKES, the society for the promotion of Finnish fishing tourism industry. The restorations performed by volunteers have enabled the recovery of the endangered trout stock of the Gulf of Finland in the brook and the parr density is first-rate.

A social media community has been created around the brook, in which all members are interested in the condition of the brook and especially the trout swimming in it. This website acts as an open databank for the community.

We have managed to create something that is unique in Finland around the urban brook. Our goal is to provide information about a local natural site and to get people to enjoy a green gem of the urban concrete jungle”, brook activist Juha Salonen explains.

Unfortunately, we cannot translate this whole website into different languages, but our most important message is this: Enjoy the brook nature and remember to leave the trout in peace. We also want to kindly remind you that fishing is completely forbidden along the length of the Longinoja brook.